Skateboarding Sculptures (Pablo Picasso's) 2016

Women In Architecture (AA) 2016

Historical Figures: Murasaki Shikibu/Writer Nzinga Mbandi/Leader Hedy Lamarr/inventor / 2016 (Prints Available)

Cactus Frenzy! 2016 (Print Available)

Historical Hastings Portraits - Aleister Crowley / Catherine Cookson

Decimus Burton / Admiral Cloudesley Shovell's Mum - private commission 2016 (Prints Available)

Freud's Room 2015

Hendy's Homestore in Old Town Hastings 2015

Iris Apfel 2015

Thelonious Monk and Friends 2015

The Bloomsbury Set and Charleston House Sussex 2015

Picasso Ceramics 2015

Peggy Guggenheim 2015

Africa, Picasso, and Cubism 2015

Picasso's Parisian Studio 2015

Dora Maar 2015

Christopher Walken gif 'Don't call me late for lunch' 2015

Objects 2013

'Hello, may I order a robot?'

Illustraton for Housework Robot Zine - Exhibited as part of Vanessa Marr's Women and Domesticity 2014

Yeti Greetings Cards with hand-coloured envelopes - LauraGilly Etsy Shop and Lik+Neon London - 2013-16

Characters and Typography for The Talking Sticks' Website 2012-2015 laura-gill.co.uk/thetalkingsticks

Sports Commentators 2010 (Print Available)

Illustrations for the Graphic Novel 'Introducing Leo Mas' by Sebastian Craig 2011

Architects 2007

Pals 2007 - Published in The Believer Magazine 2008


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